Andre nickatina ayo for yayo download

2 Oct 2012 Bagar
Andre nickatina ayo for yayo

Name: Andre nickatina ayo for yayo

File size: 968mb

Upload: 15.11.2017

Language: Eng

Rating: 10/10

File format: EXE



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You want some more, for you and your whores? I kick off wars, and get behind walls and corporate doors, executive nose sore Rich man, high, eight balls and quarters they call me, placin they orders Bring me across the border, buyin the case before I'm sold, they take the case Snortin habit, not with affordin some use me, strictly out of boredom I hooked people before man, I warned them I took many people out before them Doin my job, connected wit the mob got President Bush, Whitney, and Bob Many others all walks of life have one on ones with me every night [Chorus x4] That's some good coke.

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